Revealed... A NEW Way to Boost Audience and Sales for Your Projects

Introducing Perfect Choice - A Creator Discovery Platform

Discover the ultimate creator marketing tool.

This project is intended to, 

• Attract the perfect people to your projects without spending time

• Find out who's interested in what you create so you can then target them with marketing campaigns

• Save hours of work each day finding and targeting audiences on other platforms

• Give creators a chance to focus on their craft because they know that this system will handle the discoverability aspect for them.

This project will be suitable to you,  

  • If you are a creator who only wants to focus on developing your project
  • An entrepreneur that does not have an existing audience and need to develop such a base.
  • An author who does not have a reader list and you need to get a method for new readers to see your work.
  • A marketer that is looking for a good means to get your clients results, especially if they have just started their projects.
  • And anyone who is looking to create something amazing for the world, but just need the right eyeballs on it.

Here are some of the ways Perfect Choice can benefit you

Save more Time

Spend less time on your social media, blog, and newsletter. Focus that energy on the great gifts you'll be giving your audience.

Stop the Guesswork

Know what's working and what isn't. And forget all the guesswork with seeing actual real data from how real people react to your projects and posting.

Get More out of your Marketing

Get more out of every marketing dollar you spend. You will not have to focus on convincing audiences who don't know you to purchase.

Focus on Launching your Projects

Develop your ideas and test them with an audience, build your relationships with those who follow you and launch your projects with confidence knowing its going to work!

Why Perfect Choice needs to be made

Many creators have been there.

They know what it feels like to pour your heart into something only for it not to get seen because someone else had an unfair advantage over them. Where you have to wear many different hats and learn tons of different skills to get any reasonable level of traction.

It’s time for that all to stop!

Perfect Choice is the solution and its to level the playing field once and for all! We will give everyone a fair chance at success!

Vote for Perfect Choice in The Orbiiit The Pitch Competition!

Perfect Choice is currently under development and will be released to the public soon. The project is also in the Orbiiit The Pitch Competition. Show your support and provide us your vote! 

MIKKELL K KHAN  //  Producer and Author

Mikkell K Khan is a passionate and driven individual who has been involved in the world of digital marketing for years. He has created content for several prominent clients, and he is always looking to help others in his industry.

He knows what it's like to be on the other side of the screen, and he wants to make sure that others do not have to go through that same struggle.

Mikkell uses his expertise in digital production along with blockchain technology to create projects such as these so that people can get ahead instead of struggling behind.

Vote for the Perfect Choice! It's time to take action and transform how you get awareness and new customers to your amazing projects.

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